Broken Road

The Broken Road

The Broken Road

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for our souls, For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”  Matthew 11:28-30

 He answered, ‘Yes, Lord, you know that I love you.’  Jesus said, “Take care of my sheep.”  John 21: 16

My Broken Road to Ministry

Years ago, I found a way through the pain and brokenness of my life and my marriage by lying down at the feet of Jesus.  After a lifetime of Martha living—taking care of everyone else’s needs and keeping my home as strong and healthy as I could, I crashed and burned.  I gave up the striving to keep my pain hidden and surrendered my Broken Road to God.  In exchange, I took a seat beside my Savior, resting in Him and letting Him love me into wholeness.

I took His yoke upon me and learned from Him – and I began the process of becoming me – the me that God designed me to be.  His gentleness healed my soul.  His love penetrated my heart.  His healing made me whole.

Since that time, the Lord has led me on path of continuous learning about healing and wholeness.  He has guided my career choices and life choices—using the redeemed years of pain and brokenness I experienced, along with the cleansing and healing balm of His Presence—to cultivate a heart for others who are broken and sad, hurting and confused, betrayed and alone.

Often, during my study, journal and prayer time, I begin writing and pouring out my heart to God.  These are times when I hardly think while writing, but my pen just flows.  One such day, during my time with the Lord, He brought the two opening scriptures together for me.  It was a “wake up call” to me!  He was letting me I was ready to move on. My Broken Road was leading me to walk alongside His sheep!

I heard His reassurance to me that before I even cry out to Him, “Come Lord”, He is already with me.  My need, my hurt, my angst, my desire for Him-these are the cries that bring Him to my side.  And before I leave His presence, my burden is no longer mine, but is His.

Yet, I find I have a new “burden”.  The burden for those He loves who need the assurance and healing of a Savior, as I did.  Lead me forth, Jesus.

cultivate a heart for others who are broken and sad, hurting and confused, betrayed and alone.

My hand flowed over the pages of my journal, as I absorbed this wonderful promise of my Savior, along with the challenge to love like Him.


I love you, Jesus and believe so much in your grace and mercy and power in my life. I treasure the warmth of your Presence.

    I can rest assured in You because you are:

        my Rock,

                my Redeemer,

                        my Source for life and living

                                my Savior

                                        my Friend.

You are my Compass and my Guide.

        I do not even have to utter, “Come, Lord Jesus. Come.”,

                For already You are here.

I know it like I know my own skin.  As the psalmist wrote, “You hem me in.”

        I am secure in Your arms of support and of protection.

                You fold me into your very being.

                        You listen and speak into the tired and broken pieces of my heart and my life.

                Your gentle, humble voice calls me to rest—

                        And I do.  I rest at your feet.

But, Lord, You do not keep me there–

        Instead, when I am ready,

                        when I have gathered from You all the nuggets and seeds of grace,

                        when I have surrendered my doubts and fears,

        when I have breathed in deeply the power and light of your Spirit,

                        When I know who I am and Whose I am…And that I am called to go –

You gently, oh so gently, release me from Your arms and

        pry my fingers from Your robe.

                You face me toward the opened door,

                        and ever so lovingly invite me forward-into the world.

Oh, Jesus, I am alive with anticipation, slightly fearful at the challenge,

while filled with the excitement of doing your Kingdom Work:

        Of loving and listening and bringing your healing touch to others who are broken and lonely, without hope.

                I can’t help questioning,

“Can I, do it?  Am I ready?”

But Your insistent, light, gentle prodding in the small of my back,

        propels me forward and I cross the threshold of the open door—

                Into the realm of ministry,

                        of cares and needs,

                                of love and mercy

Into the emptiness of the lonely, scared, broken and wounded.

                Of those whose needs have seared Your Heart, Loving One.

 As I enter into their lives, their cares, and hurts,

           I see that I am the answer to some of their prayers.

                       I see that I can show them Light in their dark world.

     They begin to see what it means for Someone to hear their pain and answer back in Love – healing love.

Humbly I bow and fall to my knees,

                        I honor and bless you, Jesus, for entrusting to me, even for a day or a season,

                       the pains and wounds and hopes and lives of some of Your beloved sheep.

I thank you for the lessons learned in Your Presence; for the love grafted into my heart,

the insight beyond mere seeing you placed in my eyes, for the comfort and hope you poured into my words and

        for creating me,

                shaping me,

                        cleansing me,

                                transforming me,

                                        challenging me

and ultimately for using me in this world of broken and weary souls.

And so, my Friend, this precious time in the safety of Your arms is almost over for this day.

                The door stands open!  Who will be out there today for me to love,

                        to listen to,

                                to nurture,

                                        to laugh with

                                                or to cry with.

I am ready to be Your light and love; Your peace and hope, to usher in

Your Healing and your transforming Spirit.

                And when I am used up and poured out, I will once again need your arms and breath and life and power.

                I will be drawn to you,

                        to rest in you

                                to lay new burdens down at your feet

                                        and to be filled again…

        Until a new door opens and your gentle inviting to love like you, begins once more.


My friends, if any part of this story-for it is indeed a story of my Broken Road to healing and my calling to love like Jesus-resonates with you, please let me know?

Do you long to be free from your own pain and loneliness?  Cry out to Jesus!

Do you want a friend to take this journey with you, call on me?

Do you long to use your healing and your changed, restored heart for ministry, but don’t know how get started?  Seek His plan for you. He wants you to go through your open door. And, if you need someone to help you in this journey, call on me.

O Father God, may all who call themselves “Christian” find a way to rest in You, may they find the power they long for/need/want to “love your sheep.”  Amen

End this time listening to this worship song by Hillsong, “Broken Vessel”.  He takes the broken pieces and make us whole-and sets us free! Praise the Lord!


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