What We Do

Christ calls us to be bold in love, serving and sacrificing for others--FOR that is when we are most like Him and truly know abundant life!

What is IMPACT Coaching?

  • Christ Followers are called to do the hard things and love all people--even the unlovely. And I am here to join them on the journey
  • Sometimes we must love ourselves and know who we are in Christ, before we can truly love others. Your Coaching Journey may begin here.
  • God has given me the experiences, the vision, the tools and the urgency to coach people into life-changing relationships with those on the fringes, the lonely and the disenfranchised. You may be ready for this step!

Life Coaching

Are you stuck? Unsure of your purpose? Wondering what comes next or why you are here? Are you looking for direction? Ready to uncover the "possibilities" embedded in your past? Ready to discover your own unique "God-given Design" for ministry? 


IMPACTful Faith Coaching

You have discovered a passion for God's hurting. You know where you want to make an IMPACT. You are ready to take a step into building God's Kingdom. But HOW? Where do I start? Can I move past my fear and my doubts?

Break-Away Consulting

Contract with a church or a group of Christian leaders to launch a relationship building and transformational ministry of their own--reaching out to those outside the walls of the church and making a place for them.

Become a Life Coach

Are you the one everyone comes to for advice? Do others find you easy to talk to and open up to? Are often encouraging others --listening to their stories? Are you wondering why you didn't become a counselor? Becoming a coach is just what you are looking for!

“Christians are called by God to be living so sacrificially and beautifully
that the people around us, who don’t believe what we believe,
will soon be unable to imagine the world without us.”
- Tim Keller

More of What We Do

  • Inspirational retreats, teachings, and coaching, at the individual and group level
  • Leadership Development—individual and group level
  • Impact Coaching -- stretching a disciple to be brave for Christ
  • “Masterpiece” coaching or “Who I am and Where am I Going”—to know one’s self in Christ and then cast goals and visions for the future
  • Individual Life Purpose Coaching
  • Individual 2-day Intensive Life Plan Facilitation
  • Consult with ministries and/or church staff to grow and develop Relationship Ministries.
  • And much more!

Want To Know How It Works?

Christ calls us to be bold in love, serving and sacrificing for others--because that is when we are most like Him and know abundant life!

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