How It Works

We are most like Christ when we are connected to Him and connected to others in real and life-transforming relationships.

My Coaching Services

Explore which plan is right for you.

Life Coaching Plans:

10-Conversations on Purpose--Individual Life Purpose Coaching

6-8 Weeks "We Are God's Masterpiece"

Individually designed plan:
"Knowing and Living From Your Story"

IMPACTful Faith Coaching

8-10 week of tailor-made coaching Plan to help you tap into your God-given gifts and talents, uncover the obstacles that keep you from reaching out in boldness to others, and form a 3-step plan to get started.

8-10 week Faith Coaching Journey.

Break Away Consulting

Contract with a church or a group of Christian leaders to launch a relationship building and transformational ministry of their own--reaching out to those outside the walls of the church and making a place for them.

Watch this video to learn more!

Become a Life Coach

I am a certified instructor with Life Purpose Coaching Centers, Int’l and offer a credential program to become a Life Purpose coach.  Set up an Inspiration call so I can tell you more about it!

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Break Away Consulting

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