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Welcoming in the New Year – Again

Hello friends!

We are already well into January 2022, and I am still wondering where the year 2021 went!  Anyone with me?  In spite of everything, it was a year that brought me closer to God and my commitment to make an IMPACT in our world.

When I taught school, I would often make a mistake in front of the class, group or student I was teaching to help them learn it is okay to make a mistake.  We are not perfect!  We learn from our mistakes!   I hope it had some impact!

Well, I did not deliberately make the mistake of leaving my video in the “Private” mode on my You-tube channel.  But the result is the same!  I learned several things due to this huge mistake!  And, of course, I am far from perfect!

Please offer me some grace and take the time to watch my Video Blog!  I share with you some of my journey through the year and through this past Advent season.  I also share a practice that has really helped my faith grow and my relationship with Christ deepen over the past several years.

This is my first effort at video blogging! I will do better next time-I promise.  But I just wanted to connect with my friends, family, and YOU!

Be inspired to change the world for Christ in 2022!

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